The Angkal Fast Cruise

The Angkal Fast Cruise Your Fast and Reliable Connection to Nusa Penida

The Angkal Fast Cruise is a transportation service that provides crossings to Nusa Penida. All of our fleets are equipped with complete safety standards, professional and friendly crews, certified and experienced captains. With extra safety and comfort facilities, we offer a different experience in your crossing to Nusa Penida.

Enjoy your journey to Nusa Penida comfortably and safely, and make sure to choose The Angkal Fast Cruise as your transportation option to Nusa Penida. And for easy access to our schedules and prices, don`t forget to check out

Schedules & Routes of The Angkal Fast Cruise

From To Departure Arrival
Kusamba (Bali) Sampalan (Nusa Penida) 06:30 06:50
Kusamba (Bali) Sampalan (Nusa Penida) 07:00 07:20
Kusamba (Bali) Sampalan (Nusa Penida) 08:00 08:20
Sanur (Bali) Banjar Nyuh (Nusa Penida) 08:30 09:15
Kusamba (Bali) Sampalan (Nusa Penida) 09:30 09:50
Kusamba (Bali) Sampalan (Nusa Penida) 11:45 12:05
Kusamba (Bali) Sampalan (Nusa Penida) 13:45 14:05
Kusamba (Bali) Sampalan (Nusa Penida) 16:00 16:20
Kusamba (Bali) Sampalan (Nusa Penida) 17:00 17:20
Sampalan (Nusa Penida) Kusamba (Bali) 06:30 06:50
Sampalan (Nusa Penida) Kusamba (Bali) 07:00 07:20
Sampalan (Nusa Penida) Kusamba (Bali) 07:30 07:50
Sampalan (Nusa Penida) Kusamba (Bali) 08:00 08:20
Sampalan (Nusa Penida) Kusamba (Bali)  10:45  11:05
Sampalan (Nusa Penida) Kusamba (Bali) 12:45 13:05
Sampalan (Nusa Penida) Kusamba (Bali) 14:30 14:50
Sampalan (Nusa Penida) Kusamba (Bali) 16:00 16:20
Banjar Nyuh (Nusa Penida) Sanur (Bali) 16:30 17:15
  • The schedule for the FAST BOAT may change due to weather conditions.
  • The operating vessel may change depending on the situation.

The Angkal Fast Cruise Nusa Penida Price

Adult Child Adult Child
80.000 60.000 135.000 80.000

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